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A deplorable condition when an occasion, place, event, university has a lacking number of dimes compared to unattractive girls.

Common cases include sausage tests, university of notre dame, and ivy league schools

Any ratio less than 2:1 dimes to nickels could be considered Dime Deficiency, with an ideal ratio being 10+:1.
Jerry enrolled at Arizona State... Dime Deficiency must have been a big deciding factor for him.

Notre Dame

Dude 1: Yo bro you headin' up to Willy's place?
Dude 2: Naw dude, that place has a strong case of Dime Deficiency
Dude 1: Shoot Dude! Thanks for the warning

John had a nightmare about Dime Deficiency, the next day he withdrew his application to Notre Dame
by TheJbros11 September 23, 2011
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