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A person who eats his/her own feces.
"The dilver found himself in an endless cycle of nurture and expulsion, as his food was turned to waste into food again."
by Sporlan Orange November 15, 2007
an old man's penis, where the pubic hair has turned silver
You see the dilver Johanna has been running around with? He must have a lot of money and access to blue pills.
by JoJoandHero October 02, 2012
another word for gronk, retard, gimp. It can be thrown around as a general insult
Oh my god, stop being such a dilver.

errr you dilver

f*** off dilver
by Tort_MS February 09, 2009
The last piece of food left on a plate
At morning teas or parties, when there is one piece of food left on the plate and no-one wants to take it -refer to it as the 'dilver'.
by dilver man August 08, 2008

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