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A colossal fan of the legendary hip-hop producer and grandfather of neo-soul, James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee or J Dilla. We recognize his otherworldly excellence, and possess an insatiable desire to own all of his material. We have (pre-Donuts) rare vintage Jay Dee/Ummah tracks in our extensive media library, we study his instrumental breaks, we obsessively hunt for his samples, we watch his documentaries, we knew about him BEFORE he died. We don't simply own the "Donuts" album and "Dilla Saved My Life" t-shirts, desperately trying to be something we are not. We are NOT poseurs! We do not try to fit a mold! We separate ourselves from the 'normal' fan with our THOROUGH knowledge of his material, and the material of his associated acts. We don't selfishly hoard his music; instead we attempt to educate and bestow upon others his brilliance. We're often called snobs or elitists, but that's not the case; SOME of us simply don't appreciate the over-usage and exploitation of the term "Dilla Head". There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a posthumous fan (in fact, we think it's GREAT and applaud you for discovering him). You don't need a Doctorate of Dilla Philosophy to be a fan, however, if you want to openly call yourself a "Dilla Head", you'd better be working on one. Rest In Beats, Mr. Yancey.
Fan: Yo, I just picked up this fresh Stussy/Dilla t-shirt to match my custom Vans Authentic, and I'm listening to the illest Dilla Dawg song ever, "Lightworks". I'm a Dilla Head to the fullest! Dopeness!!! Will you be at the dopest tribute EVER tonight?

Dilla Head: Umm...ok? So...anyway, do you have the instrumentals for Front Street, or Verbal Clap? And is Shoes spinning?

Fan: (pause) Have you heard Donuts yet?!?

Dilla Head: (Face Palm)
by TonyBlanding February 18, 2011
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