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The most fiery rivalry between any two IPs of all time. Fans of each commonly bicker over which of the two is older, which has better dubs, which is darker, which has better games, which has better anime, etc.

This is a fact: Pokemon is older. Not siding one way or the other, but Pokemon came out in 1996; Digimon came out in 1997.

Other than that, it's totally subjective and pointless to argue about. Probably most people think that Digimon has better anime and Pokemon has better games, so they're about even.
Digimon vs. Pokemon in Action

Tim: Hey, man, I see you're watching some Pokemon.
Marsh: Don't even start, dude. It's not a-
Tim: I wasn't gonna say it! Jesus.
Marsh: Cause you know how you are, with-
Tim: It's fine, dude! Pokemon's cool. (walks away) If only.
by Knolman July 29, 2010

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