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A country chick that loves big trucks and will f*** any one.
Big boobs, blonde, your typical whore, except redneck. A diesel whore.
by Katherineygold January 08, 2007
A girl who will fuck almost anyone who drives a diesel truck, especially one that has tacky shit such as stacks or a pair of plastic testicles hanging from the back bumper.
It is extremely hard to find these girls in environments where people are in any way classy as they generally tend to avoid being in those types of situations.
"Dude, all you need is a stack on your truck and you'll be fuckin diesel whores all the time."
by speak da truf April 12, 2009
Most "Diesel Whores" are simply whores. But if you are lucky enough you will meet a classy Diesel Whore. Chances are she is tan, cute, blone and from Kentucky. She is probably a sweet heart that just happens to love country boys that drive trucks. She's a fan of Powerstrokes. BIG TRUCKS. Little nugget trucks don't cut it. Lifted trucks are good. Trucks with mud on them are a plus.
Dude the other night I took that cute blonde out. She thought I was fucking hot and she loved my truck. What a diesel whore. But shes cute so it's all good.
by BlondeTanTruckLover December 14, 2011
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