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A woman that appears to be quiet when you first meet her, but once you begin unraveling her personality you realize that she scarily independent.
John: Have you met Angela?
James: No, why?
John: She's a crazy dicta! We went out to dinner and the waiter got the order wrong, so she demanded a free dish. It was so embarassing.
James: Haha! That just made my day.
by Rich.Music. December 08, 2010
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The area of the male genitals where the penis meets the scrotum.
As a result of too-rough sex with his Argentinian girlfriend, David had a scar that circled the entire way around his penis, just above the dictum.
by dogeye October 15, 2009
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A conjunction of the words "dick" and "rectum". Although it supposedly means an order or decree, it actually is a discreet insult used when insulting someone of a lower IQ than yourself.
"Tom, you're a dictum".
by YoureADictum February 16, 2006
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Thinking that "Tums" (An antacid is any substance that counteracts stomach acidity) are a highly dangerous and highly addictive drug. Knows side effects of being a dictum are the grating of cherry flavored Tums and snorting them through the nose. Most people also consider these people unworthy of being called intellectuals and therefore pronounced "dicks" instead.

Dick + Tum = Dictum
Little did Timmy Gonzales' mother know but her willingness to expose her son to Tums lead to a habit that later expanded into a form of addiction leading to a complete collapse of his social life and the permanent title of dictum.

"I wonder if Timmy's girlfriend knows what a dictum he is"
by monotox February 28, 2005
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