Dicksplash (noun) a word for a dumbass who pissed too hard into a urinal and it splashed back and hit him. Commonly used to describe a person this has happened to in the past
Jake is such a dicksplash
by Ashmaggot May 31, 2011
The Splashing of excess liquid on a penis onto a certain individual, crowd, or object.
Windixie: Hey, I got Dick Splashed At School Today.
by RockManSam November 25, 2009
when a guy splashes his urine or cum (sperm/semen) over something.
"Oh Dude! My Porn Magazine covered in your dick splash"
by Dude123 August 30, 2007
A stain, presumably on clothing, caused by either urine or ejaculate. Popularised by English language version of early 90's anime production, "OEDO 808."
Eat this, Dicksplash!
by Bobby Chopra October 23, 2010
can refer to the sound of a the male gentalia hitting water or the actual spash of water as a result
When a man sits in the bath and proceeds to hit his penis on the water, creating dicksplash

When a penis is cut off and thrown in a swimming pool. Dicksplash
by cybercityoedo July 12, 2010
Mistakenly utilized slang term too often associated with discharges from the male penis. In reality, the "dick splash" is associated with the large orgasm of a woman who is enjoying sex and completely soaks a man's penis when the orgasm occurs.
Woman: "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby! Yesssssssssssss!"
Man: "Whoa! Honey, you just seriously dick splashed me!"
by Brainiac March 02, 2005
Used as a slang word for male ejaculation of semen from the penis
Stop laughing, you Dick splash, its not my fault i cant control my testosterone
by CaptainCoolAsFuck September 18, 2009

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