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When you think you're seeing a really hot chick, but she turns out to be a tranny.
Joe: Hey man, did you hear about that chick Jake was with?
Linds: I know, she was a dude. He totally got dickroll'd.
by XTD February 15, 2008
The act of going onto a random video chat service (i.e. chat roulette, omegle, etc.), getting naked, laying on your side, and tucking your penis in between your legs. Then you point the webcam between your upper thigh and lower torso, and begin to video chat with strangers. Once another male believes he is looking at a vagina, you start to tease him and make him believe your a chick. Once he says the key words to "open your legs" or "show me more", you open your legs real wide and say "YOU'VE JUST BEEN DICK ROLL'D!!"
Friend 1: Hey dude, did you get any tits on Omegle last night?

Friend 2: No, I never do, so I just Dick Roll'd a bunch of people.

Freind 1: That's fucking nasty bro.

Friend 2: Yea I know, but the look on their faces is priceless!
by JordanMichael September 11, 2011
Similar to being "Rick Roll'd," except when someone sends you a link to pornography instead of what you're looking for. This phrase originated on
HAHA! you just got Dick Roll'd, sucka!
by Lil Wayng May 23, 2011
Richard from Looking For Group, among whose titles is "Lord of the Dance", has his own take on Rick Roll'd. At one point, he proceeds to attack his enemies, then dances and sings Never Gonna Give You Up. At the end, he turned his enemies to ash, saying, "You got Dick Roll'd."
You got Dick Roll'd.
by Lord of the Undead August 14, 2010
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