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1. A drunken person that is anything BUT Irish, acting like an asshole on St. Patty's day. He must be wearing green, intoxicated, and behaving like a fucking asshole.
Bloke#1 "Who is that arsehole over there?"
Bloke#2 "Some fuckin' wanker"
Bloke#2 "Hey, buddy what is your fuckin' name?"
Asshole "It's St. Patty's Day, Today my name is now Clooney!"
Bloke#1 "Clooney, eh? How about Dickless Clooney! You fucking wanker! Get the fuck out of my fucking face!"

1 hour later
Bloke#2 screams at some drunk Assholes dressed in green "You fucking Dickless Clooney!"
by Anon-in-Il-Again March 03, 2008
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