A person with a penis attached to his head.............
James is a dick head cuz there is a penis on his head.
by JOOSAFOOWIS September 16, 2005
someone with a HUGE penis on his head
Tom:So what do you think about politics?

Paul:its ok but George Bush is a Dick head
by Antony Davies (aka:Mavis) May 06, 2005
Person with a phallus attached (or it sometimes replaces)thier head.These type of people are often likely to embarass,piss off or harass you in public.
That guy who browneyed me was a major dickhead.
by LowREz March 01, 2004
see jimmy smith a grammer loveing bitch who gives the biggest bullshit non informed answers out of aney one on urbendictionary even more of a wank then sony roolz more of a bmx poser then paris hilton is a slut to give you some perspective think of the worst thing you can possibly think about thea times it by 10 plus the dodds then as up him self as victorians
all i have to say to jimmy smith is eat that bad grammer and spellin bitch

quote from jimmy smith "It's not ar it's er! You must commit suicide for your horendous crime!" notice my good grammer nd shit thats cos its a quote from mr i love grammer!!!!.
by ya mum was May 06, 2005
In the showers at school, 9 out of 10 guys have circumcised penises. They aren't dickheads though. The only stupid ones are the parents who didn't have the 10th ones cut.
My girlfriend admires my dickhead, especially when I pee through it. She is no dickhead.
by filup October 25, 2006
Def. 1) A terrible condition that affects most of the people you will ever meet causing a penis to grow off of said person's forehead.

Def. 2) That kid in your science class that deliberately failed all his tests making him "cool".
Def. 3) Your Boss and most of your colleagues.
Doctor: Sir, I'm afraid you suffer from Dickhead Syndrome.
Your Boss: Is it bad?
Doctor: It's the most severe case that I've ever seen. It is possibly fatal.
by WittyBanterBus September 16, 2016
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