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A very serious medical diagnosis, in which a human being of the male sex, expresses himself in an extremely offensive, obnoxious, and dickfaced manner.

-Some symptoms of Dickface Syndrome are as follows:

-Saying your jeans make you look fat, even when not asked.

-Openly hitting on your friends when you are next to him.
-Obviously considering himself too sexy for his shirt. and you.

-Liking making you feel like a piece of dog shit. A lot.

-Blowing you off when you have plans and not caring.

-Possibly wearing clothes way to big for him, because he thinks he's sexy. Even if he's not

Avoid men who have Dickface Syndrom at ALL COST.
Trish: My boyfriend just blew me off to hang out with Bitchyslutfacewhore!

Sally: This is the second time this week. He obviously has Dickface Syndrome. He's not even cute. And his clothes are way to big for him. You should dump him.
by WordInvtentor August 13, 2011
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