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when one of your friends is sitting or laying down and you quickly pick your friends dick like a claw game, the claw being your hand and the stuffed animal being your friends penis.

while doing this you must exclaim "DICKER PICKER!" while picking the dick
Friend 1-*laying on couch*

Friend 2-*unexpectedly comes over* "DICKER PICKER!"

Friend 1-"YOU BASTARD!"
by shablazum September 02, 2011
The act of grabbing only the shaft of a friends penis while said friend is sitting down, much like a claw game, but in this case the prize is your friends penis and the claw is your hand. Whilst preforming the act of picking the dick you must scream "DICKER PICKER."
friend-AW MAN, thats the second time today, i should really cross my legs.
by Coopy Poopy June 05, 2011