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A Dickem sandwich is an insult, similar to the phrase go suck a dick, or suck my dick. This is a cleaner term that you can use in front of the elderly or young children to get your point across. This will also confuse your adversary, providing you with an advantage to retort his reply.

The origin of the term stems from a 2008 trip to Las Vegas, where I kept telling a friend to go eat a dickem sandwich. He didn’t know its meaning, but the phrase took and was used as insult thereafter. After I got food poisoning from a restaurant, he told me that I must have eaten too many dickem sandwiches
You would tell a person who just cut you off in traffic to go eat a dickem sandwich
When referring to a friend’s sexuality, you could ask him if he ate a dickem sandwich for lunch
by Awesome Dudes August 13, 2010
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