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A large collection of nudes (male), on a storage device (phone, computer etc).
Dude do you want to see whos in my Dickapedia?
by Dimcas92 October 23, 2012

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This is a term used to describe a person who always knows everything. They allways have the answer, weather it is the right answer or not. But the most defining aspect of this personality is that they are a complete prick in how they go about being a know-it-all or correcting other people.

I think I will name my tortoise Bebop or Rockstedy.
My friend:

well thats stupid because Bebop was a hog and Rockstedy was a rhino.
Listen, Dick-a-pedia I dont give a shit what they were. Those are the names I like so fuck off.
by MR.UBERZ1 June 17, 2010
A person constantly reminding you of Wikipedia articles, and usually has no friends and follows people around
That Fucking nerd is being a dickapedia for reciting all those Wikipedia articles
by freonjake April 14, 2009