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An ass, a meanie, a general negative term, often used with friends.
Bill: Hey can I have some of that pizza?
Will: No get away!
Bill: Don't be such a dick socket
by Kiwi Pomerleau June 02, 2004

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The base of the penis. The penis' pivot point.
I was fuckin' Sally last night when my dick popped out of the pussy, hit the taint on the down stroke I heard a loud pop---I think it jacked my dick socket up.
by BrownJ July 19, 2008
A fool. An absolute tool.
Oh fuck him...he's a dick socket anyway.
by Squirrelly May 31, 2004
A vagina; a whore; a disliked woman
-"Do you love her?"
--"No she's just a dick socket."
by Aussie7diamond August 11, 2014