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Another name for a bowl of communal mints, especially if they're situated anywhere near a toilet. A lot of men don't wash their hands after draining the dragon and then reach right into the bowl of mints, this means if you suck on a communal mint you're essentially sicking another man's dick.
Receptionist: (Motions towards bowl) Mint, sir?
Man: Hell no, I 'aint sucking on dick mints...
by kujan November 27, 2007
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A word that refers to a stupid or ignorant person; best fit when no other word seems appropriate to describe the ridiculousness of the idiotic person.
(Driver One fails to understand the concept of merging and slams on breaks causing cars to scatter all over the highway to avoid an accident.)

Driver 2: "UGH...WTF, YOU'RE SUCH A...A...A...DICK MINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Boomer Kegstand December 28, 2010

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