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The stench created by your balls/taint, then is projected upon your peers in a very unflattering manner.
My Persian girlfriend caught a whiff of my ferocious dick and decided she had better things to do.

A man jogged past Robert and Nick in the park and he had BAD Dick Wind. Damn bad.
by Dick Wind February 04, 2011
The gas that leaves a man's penis after having it filled with air from a bike pump.
Man, I've been letting out these dick winds all day after that pump off last night.
by skulldark May 20, 2009
Whatever you want to to be.
See that girl over there, gave her the dick wind last night.
Damn, what's the smell/sound? Oh, that's the dick wind.
Last night was so awesome, I woke up this morning and got the dick wind.
Hey dude can I get some of that? Nah man get your own dick wind.
by FitzyFTW November 19, 2014
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