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a group guys hanging out talking about pussy and blowing shit up and starting fires and doing things that make no sense but a safe place to talk shit out our girlfriends and girls problems and give advice and after continue fucing shit up and hacking the world
hurry man bone out its dicktime!!!
by polevault10ft April 05, 2011
Dick Time is a game played between two male participants. The game begins when one participant yells, "Dick time." Then each participant attempts to become the first one to give the other player a "tapper," or in layman's terms the first one to flick the other player in the testicles. After one player lands a tapper, the game is over the the first player to land the tapper is the winner. There's no prize in Dick Time, just honor, pride, and bragging rights. The game can begin at any time or in any situation and can only take place between two savvy participants who are aware of the rules of Dick Time and are aware that the game can begin play at any time.
Carl yelled, "Dick time," and flicked my nuts before I could do anything. Carl is a great Dick Time player.
by Johnmf August 18, 2006
to have sex
"Yo, I'm goin' over to Susie's. Gonna spend some dick time."

"Did you and Joey go to the movie last night?"
No, we just stayed at my place and got some dick time in."
by Wittgenstein52 July 08, 2010