A term for when a participant of a video conference begins the conversation with his camera positioned as to reveal his genitals whereas the other participant(s) expect(s) to see a face.

Typically applied in the context of mobile-to-mobile video chats.
1. John and Alice both have iPhone 4Gs.
2. Alice sends John ask him when he wants to go see Cirque du Soleil.
3. John calls Alice via FaceTime, but before she can answer he shoves his phone down his pants so a closeup of his penis is the first image she sees -- thus completing the perfect execution of a dickroll.
by C0dernaut August 03, 2010
Similar in nature to the rickroll, dickrolling (or to dickroll someone) is when you send someone a link to chatroulette, knowing they've never been there before, only to assume the first video served up will be a nice, close shot of some dick.
"Dude, have you seen that website, chatroulette? There's so much dick on it!"

"Yes, Susan, in fact I have. My mom sent me a link to it without telling me what it was and the first thing I saw was a dick!"

"You're mom dickrolled you! She's so bitchin!"
by Mr. Dick Roll March 14, 2010
1. Dick Roll is considered an insult to call guys.

2. Dick Roll is an edible dick filled with cream on the inside, and is hard on the outside.
1. Tom is such a Dick Roll!

2. James likes to eat a dick roll during his lunch break.
by east0goes0it April 22, 2009
A variation on the rickroll. Placing a link on a web page that purports to link to interesting content but is in fact a link to a video of Dick Cheney.
Some guy on reddit posted a link in a comment that was supposed to be a lolcat, but it was really a dickroll! Boring!
by AtomicLlama April 22, 2008
When a prick on Runescape floods your public or private chats with dicks.
So man i logged on Runescape and Nick totally gave me like 10 dick rolls. Makes me want to quit this game.
by Magemasta139 August 19, 2009
I got dickrolled yesterday.
by hashtag_hashtag February 23, 2015

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