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A girl who is neither a slut or whore, but just wants dick, all the time.
Sammy is such a fucking dick hunter, she is always looking to get some.
by David Sands September 03, 2008
dick hunter: derived from head hunter, a sloot that takes pleasure in seeking out and destroying massive cocks thru long, intense sex, rendering the owner of said dick fragile in both mind and dick
Treyvante: Hey have you seen that hot chick Mercedes?
LaTrell: Yeah I heard she's a real dick hunter. Poor Darron can't even get it up now after banging her. I heard he cries in his sleep now too
by Jewkakke April 28, 2015
A gay person who pretends to be hetero but is homosexual. Dickhunter is gay. dickhunter is a syndorm, desease, infection in the brain.
Dickhunter sucks in cs.
by guukaneda December 18, 2003
Dickhunter is a good looking guy, who likes maroon-colord-hair girls!

He is so damn hot! Oh yeeeeeeee!
Dickhunter is hot, hotter, even more hot than hot!
by dNa`ch February 11, 2004
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