Function: noun
Etymology: variant of pincushion
1. A woman in which the repulsive force between her knees keeps them from staying together.
2. A male bottom with a poop chute like a mail chute.
3. The main course at a gang-bang flambé
Pat really gets around. If (s)he keeps this up, (s)he'll be known as the human dickcushion.
by Rod Springer January 21, 2006
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aka booty call ... one night stand desperate need for sex , random sex just because a guy wants it and thinks anyone will give it up don't think i'll be your dich cushion tonight.
Don't think I'm going to be a dick cushion tonight.
by 1redcupcake August 17, 2010
A female who has been penetrated by so many dicks that she is a living breathing equivalent of a pin cushion, with dicks instead of pins.
His sister is a fucking dick cushion.
by mttcnnn January 24, 2014
A person or object that you place on top of the male extremity.
My ex-girlfriend was nothing but a dick cushion.
by Ray D December 27, 2006

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