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This is a nickname that is associated with a man that you previously viewed as a lame but his sex blows your mind.

A man who is SURPRISINGLY EXCEPTIONAL in a sexual capacity.
Girl, I wish I hadn't ignored Kevin for so long; he got me calling him Dickem.

I can't go out with ya'll tonight, my Dickem is coming over!
by Kiwidababygenius August 15, 2008

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beaten boned boning fuck fucking putting it down
This is a guy with a big Dick who puts it down in the
bed room like no bodies business.
dick'em down lowdown
by Crystal and Rachel November 07, 2007
is a a wat to call people dicks without saying dicks, and just better word for the insult.
yo those kids are being dickems, kids very (dickish)
by trevor ballinger January 31, 2008