when a guy and a girl and having drunk sex and the guy takes his dick and puts it in the girl's ass even though she's unwilling. the guy proceeds to yell, "THAT'S AWESOME BABY!".
guy 1: hey bro i saw you leave jim's party with ashley last night. where'd you guys go?

guys 2: yea man, her parents were asleep so we went to her house for awhile

guy 1: nice, what'd you guys do?

guys 2: we watched a movie in the basement and drank some of her parent's alcohol then i dick vitaled her

guy 1: your sick mother f---er

guy 2: i know
by B B B B-Unit February 06, 2008
Top Definition
A college basketball annoucer for ESPN that kisses every good teams' ass.He is annoying and yet funny at the same time.He uses stupid phrases like Diaper Dandy, PTP'er(Prime Time Player) and my personal favorate HE'S A SKYWALKER(always yelled).
Also known as Dickie V.
Jim: Did you watch that Duke and North Carolina game?
Bob: Yea Dick Vitale was kissing JJ Redick's ass even though he was sucking.
Jim: Well he always does that.
Bob: But JJ bounced a shot of the corner of the backboard though.
Jim: ...Oh I thought he only liked things when they are good.
by JesusFuckin'Christ April 13, 2006
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