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Particularly unattractive girls that show up to a party with the intention of getting a guy drunk and having her way with him. Their desperation and foul appearance earn them the name, "Dick Troll".
"Hey man where's Jeremy?"

"He's wasted. I think one of those dick trolls took him home."

Laughter ensues, at his expense.
by Mista Japes January 29, 2010
An ugly girl who thinks she is good looking and is craves cock in the mouth.
Wow Bryan Abous mom is such a Dick Troll, she gave head to Mike Tyson back in high school.. and she swallowed.
by Shayne34 August 09, 2011
When a grown man thinks its appropriate to send unsolicited dick pics to strangers.
Sam didn't know why he had the impulse to dicktroll people but was thankful that the internet was anonymous
by Trey Diefenbaker June 22, 2015
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