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One who swings from dick to dick, as a monkey on a tree would do.
Brandon: Do you hear about Cody?

Sam: What about him?

Brandon: He broke up with Tom to go out with Jim

Sam: He is such a dick monkey!
by theironavenger September 18, 2009
13 4
A dick monkey is a male or female who unabashedly travels from man to man for the single purpose of using their dick for their own personal pleasure without regard to loyalty, freindship, morality, etc.
can be used in conjunction with cheese eating:
Dude, that chick is a total dick monkey.
Ya' cheese eating dick monkey!
by Tomster1988 July 10, 2006
30 15
1. One who swings and attempts to climb the dick of another. Hairs will usually be pulled and torn from the appendage.
2. Any old fuckin driver that is turning, but does so slow that you can feel yourself aging while you wait.
1. Quit sweatin me, ya mutha phukkin dickmonkey.
2. Move the old and busted out of my way, dickmonkey.
by HeteroSapien February 24, 2003
8 7
Like dicks in his or her face and is like a monkey
Like a monkey of dicks is a dick monkey
by Dicks:) January 26, 2012
1 2
A man who has frequent noncommital sex with his girlfriends mom
Brad and jess broke up.
Because he was her mom's dick monkey.
by Sunshine Meadow October 26, 2007
8 10