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Originated as a joke then evolved into slang for an insult such as 'jerk'.
Todd: "Sorry I was such a Dick Four yesterday."
Jean: "What's a Dick for?"
Todd: "Ha ha...You dont know what a Dick's for!"

"I'm having trouble at work, my boss is a real Dick Four."

Is also used as 'Dick Five' for extra emphasis when 'Dick Four' isn't strong enough term, but only after 'Dick Four' has been well established.

Jean: "Can you beleive what a Dick Four he was!?"
Todd: "Ya, he was a Dick Five."
by Jean December 10, 2004
an deformed animal with four dicks, that if stimulated simultaneously, create a massive deadly orgasm
Why would you fuck that dickfour?!! It's suicide!!
by Orville Pigdicker October 09, 2006
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