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A girl that really loves dick. Basically another way of saying whore that gets the point across a little bit better
Ryan: Hey bro, what do you think about me asking Jessica to prom?

Thomas: Well she's a good choice if you want to get laid, she is a pretty big Dick Enthusiast
by Giorgibro Armani November 14, 2010
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A level of slutitude. A whore being the worst, and a slut being slightly better. A dick enthusiast is a classier version of a slut. She gets around but has something about her that commands respect.
Example: "Damn man, that girl looks hot as fuck, and I heard She's a real dick enthusiast." "word."

"Isn't she a huge whore?" "Nota whore, definitely a dick enthusiast though."
by J-Purrpdrank February 19, 2014

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