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A partially visible penis extruding from the waistline of a mans pants. Just like the female equivalent, this can be accidental or on purpose. The most popular sighting of dick cleavage usually involves somebody wearing their pants too low, to the point where you can see the beginning of the person in questions shaft. The less noticed sighting usually occurs when a male achieves an erection and flips it up into his waistband, causing the head of his penis to become dick cleavage.
1. "So on the bus yesterday, when Josh reached up to grab the loop to hold on, his shirt pulled up and everyone saw his dick cleavage."

2. Nobody ever wants to go swimming with Jonah, because he always wears his trunks too low, and we are all tired of looking at his dick cleavage.
by Tit$ McGee November 07, 2009
the part of the crotchal area on the sides of the lower abs that form a crease around the hip.
brad pitt had some mad dick cleavage in fight club.
by poltergyst June 24, 2008

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