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A sailing vessel that typically carries large quantities of homosexual men around the Caribbean, especially to Grand Bahama Island. Often times the Dick Boat trails behind it a smaller Fail Boat that is used to ferry the passengers into Port Lucaya.
How did you folks get to Fish Fry Fail? Can't you tell? We came on the Dick Boat!
by OnTheDickBoat February 21, 2010
A "party" boat that isn't good for anything other than annoying people who are on the lake for non-dick reasons. A ski boat full of bros or a "redneck yacht club" boat.
Those assholes on the dickboat keep using our dive flags as ski buoys.
by holmedog July 28, 2015
A killer of fun;Ass or dick with a boat.
Emma Stevens is a real DickBoat.
by Cody D. Murray August 02, 2008
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