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The most common meanings are:

1. A stuttering fool
2. A boastful imbecile
3. A cunning twit
4. A destitute dwarf
5. A sheepish narcissist
6. A pathetic excuse for a young adult

"Dibash" is an extraordinarily versatile word that has numerous negative meanings. "Dibash" can be used as a noun or adjective in various contexts. The word is said to have originated in a predominantly working-class Hispanic neighborhood in NYC during the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Jose: Yo, why you gotta be like that, foo?
Pablo: What you sayin'? You think I'm some sort of Dibash?
Jose: Chill, son! I NEVA use words like that!
by sjajeocnbgfls2 July 25, 2010
A term originating in Brooklyn, NY which is meant to describe anyone who is extremely manipulative, unduly self-centered, and very hypocritical.
Queens Kid: John reminds me of the character, Iago from Shakespeare's Othello.
LI Kid: John is worse. He's a Dibash.
by Long Island Kid June 11, 2010