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Someone (generally a younger, obnoxious person) who is obsessed about the worst aspects of pop culture (enjoys whatever is popular, but pays no attention to anything else), says "dude" when addressing whoever they are talking to, and generally holds ill-informed world views. It is not their interests that make them diarrhea slurpers, but the way they act when expressing their interest. This term derives from the idea that diarrhea slurpers take in (slurp up) all the refuse of pop culture (diarrhea).
"That stupid kid over there claims that he only plays first person shooters, yet he has no idea what Bioshock is, he must be a diarrhea slurper"

"Look at all those people over there obsessing about the new iPhone, what a bunch of diarrhea slurpers"

"The day Modern Warfare 3 came out, I had to sit on the bus and listen to all the diarrhea slupers exclaim 'Dude, so you going to go pick up Call of Duty? I am going to skip school all day tomorrow just so I can play it'"
by Cynist3r December 01, 2011
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