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its a person that has a saggy ass like a diaper nd its shaped like one
Hoe: Hey daddy you like ma ass

Pimp: Hell no bitch you got dat Diaper booty
by Karc30 June 03, 2009
A phrase one says when a flat-assed female walks by.
Aaron: Ay bra she fine ass hell

Parker: Naw bra she got a Diaper Booty
by Granddaddypappi November 27, 2013
A girl with flat butt that has a little sag to it in an unappealing manor, usually in a pair of jeans. A butt that resembles a sagging baby diper.
Man, yo girl gots Diaper Booty. or When that girl turned around, I almost ran from her Diaper Booty.
by SellinUdreamS August 23, 2006