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A mall in Rutland, VT where there is about a total of 10 stores, of which none have anything of value.

There is only two places to eat, an over priced Sbarro's and a Chinese restaurant that no one has any idea why with it still open because no one ever goes there. There is also a restaurant that no one has ever heard of that is just asking to go bankrupt.

The majority of the people in the mall are old people walking around for a workout.

Then there is an "entrance" to the fieldhouse in the mall that actually just puts you in the road near the fieldhouse.

Also, the Mall is the sight for a stabbing over a some bitch ho.

It is a wonder the mall is not closed.
I wanted to see the whole senior population of Vermont, so I went to the Diamond Run Mall.

I wanted to get stabbed by wiggers so I walked behind the Diamond Run Mall.
by yeaaayeaaa June 01, 2010