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The Deuce Droppers were the enemies of the legendary Skeet Friends. The Deuce Droppers were a group of friends that went around town and took craps in public. They wanted to create as much havoc as they could, and get as many new members as they could. The Deuce Droppers were against ejaculating in public, and for Dropping Deuces in public. There mission was to paint the town with Feces.

The Deuce Droppers played an important part in the Skeet Saga. The founder and leader of the deuce droppers was Deputy Deuce, and Deucie Griffin. There were also many other characters in the Deuce Droppers. The Deuce Droppers fought the Skeet Friends on Mount Skeetmore (Originally called Mount Rushmore, but come on thats a gay name. However the Skeet Friends prevailed.
Deuce Droppers took S***** in public, and other than that they didnt do s*** (No pun intended...Mutha F*****).
by David Skeet Jr. May 04, 2008
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The original Deuce Droppers are a recreational basketball team that was founded in 2005 and plays in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. They adorn jerseys that are brown and yellow with with the logo being a perfect combination of a toilet and a basketball hoop. The tank of the toilet being the backboard and the bowl of the toilet being the net. They are primarily comprised of graduates from Dearborn Heights Annapolis High School. The Deuce Droppers oftentimes would "drop" key references before, during, and after the game that include, but are not limited to, "Why shoot a three when you can drop a deuce?" "Here come the Deuce Droppers streaking up the court." and "We'll shit on you!"
The Deuce Droppers had a tough time pinching their competition tonight. Good thing they have an entire week to clean themselves up for their next opponent.
by Large Phillis October 24, 2010
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