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Deuce (Aron Erlichman) is the ex-singer of the famous rap/rock band Hollywood Undead. He co-founded the band with J-Dog (Jorel Decker) in 2005 and invited their friends to join the band as well. Deuce sings in the band's debut album as well as EP's. He was later kicked out in October of 2009 for numerous rumored reasons, most notable is that he wanted the band to pay $800 a week to bring his personal assistant on tour, even though the other band members don't have PA's. They paid for 4 months until they stopped because they were losing money. Deuce refused to tour and ignored them for 2 weeks, leaving one of the other members, rapper and lead guitarist Charlie Scene, to do the singing until they picked up Danny (Daniel Murillo).

Since then, HU has been making wonderful songs with their new lead singer, who can actually sing live (:O). Meanwhile, Deuce has been talking LOADS of shit about HU and has been making up so many lies (Such as how he claims he wrote all of HU's stuff, even though his own solo stuff sucks major donkey cock in terms of lyrics). The last time he talked shit was 12/19/11. Deuce has released a lead single for his upcoming album, which, although catchy, has the most retarded lyrics ever.
Person 1: What happened to Deuce (9Lives) from Hollywood Undead??
Person 2: He was kicked for being such a douche bag. *Explains reason*
Person 1: Ohhh fuck him!

Person 2: Check out his latest song *shows song*
Person 1: Holy fuck that's disgusting
Person 2: IKR?

Deuce fan: haha bitchezzz duce is da bestttt hu iz a joke bitch dey r goin down witout him
Hollywood Undead fan: Oh really? Is that why their latest album with their new singer sold 4x more than their album with Deuce?
Deuce fan: fuck u bich duce rulezzzzzzz hu wuz jus jelus of him
Hollywood Undead fan: Really? Prove it.
Deuce fan: *refuses to answer*.

^^ Real conversation with me and a Deuce fan on YouTube
by iamjusttypingthiswithnoname December 25, 2011

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