0-16 as of 12/28/08. litteraly the WORST football team in history, the WORST record in history, and the ONLY team to lose 16 consecutive games
the detroit lions are up 32-7 with 5 minutes to go!

*leaves the room*
*comes back 4 minutes later*

by someshortkidnamedjohnny:P December 29, 2008
The absolute worst-run sports franchise of the last 50 years; A franchise marked by ineptitude in the front office courtesy of William Clay Ford Jr.; A franchise with an oddly unwavering fan base that seems desensitized to losing; A franchise where the Superbowl is in early May(the draft) and the end of the season in October(8-10 games in); Most of all though, a franchise that is a sleeping giant(stop laughing), the Lion's have an unbelievably devoted following that would unite the fanbase of every pro and college sports team in lower Michigan. If this franchise ever gets a whiff of consistent winning(not 90s winning, where we went 10-6 and got smoked in the first round of the playoffs), a consistent contention for the NFC, the response will be enormous
Marty Morninwheg; Matt Millen helps the demise of Detroit Lions; William Clay Ford Jr.; Mike Utley; Barry Sanders
by zubitup April 14, 2008
crappy Detroit football team...since 1970: 15 playoff berths, 1 playoff win; help me marriucci, you're my only hope
The Lions...
by LyingLions March 23, 2004
The Detroit Lions went 0-16 in the 2008 football season.
by Gregggggggggggggggggggggg January 01, 2009
Professional Football team in the NFL that was founded by Aslan (creator of Narnia)
After ensuring the survival of Narnia and crowning Peter, Susan, Edward, and Lucy as the kings and queens of Narnia, Aslan came to America and founded the Detroit Lions
by Pierre Grande October 04, 2009
an example of a weak inferior team. often times an automatic, guaranteed victory
...Guy: hey dude who do you like in the Laker game tonight? Guy2: friggin' kidding me bro? they're playing the DETROIT LIONS of basketball, its a lock. Lakers 129 - Clippers 83
by Pimp in the Box December 29, 2008
Mistakenly listed as the worst franchise in NFL History. Only known for performances in last few decades, never given consideration for the above average performances for the other approximately 60 years of franchise history.
Franchises considered to be worse, starting from the worst:

Cardinals-First from Chicago, then St. Louis, then, Phoenix, now Arizona. Most losses. In their 80 years of existance... 8 playoff appearances. No one wants them.

Saints-AKA 'Aints'. Only recently have their performance turned around, thanks to Drew Brees.

Texans-Haven't been around that long, but their performance is still horrible other than VERY recent. Worst winning percentage at 33.3%.

Falcons-Despite recent performances and their famed 1977 defense. Nothing. Riddled with losing seasons and scandals.

Bengals-No Championships, losing record. Only 12 winning seasons of 40.

Buccaneers-Home of the FIRST defeated team 0-14. Second Worst Win Percentage 39.3%. Their only Superbowl win is considered a fluke.

Bills-They missed the Superbowl win four times in a row.

Seahawks-No championships even with a great coach. Only team to go to the playoffs with a losing record.

Detroit Lions-Not the best team, but not the worst. With four championships although many, many years ago. Failures to win in the playoffs except once since 1957, and of course no Superbowls. Even if they are the few to yet win one, and to have a defeated season 0-16. I feel, though, the Lions are emerging from the abyss to become a contender for decades to come.

I would list a site which gives extremely detailed and accurate information, but it's cold hard football facts dot com. hint hint.
by just.another.guy July 09, 2012

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