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A mixed drink comprised of Faygo Orange pop and Mohawk Tequila. Plentiful in the Cass Corridor, it is (more or less) the reason Wayne State University has such a low graduation rate.

Its popularity is also directly correlated with unemployment as the drink has become the ironic favorite of former Big Three employees.
Dan: Why is Raj trying to scale Heidelberg Project?
Lou: He passed his Urban Planning exam so we each gave him a Detroit High-Five.

Former GM Employee: It's the second anniversary of my pink slip.
Former Ford Employee: Detroit High-Fives.
by SSicken January 13, 2011
When one man is engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman from the rear and another man is receiving oral sex from the same woman. As this is happening the 2 men are giving eachother high fives.
Me and Mike gave this hot chick a Detroit high five last night, my hand still hurts from the intense high five action.
by Tommy M. August 09, 2006