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In order to perform a Detroit demon you need:
1. a Bible
2. a cucumber
3. a life sized replica of Christopher Reeve
4. an Emu
5. a priest and a buddhist monk
6. A girl willing enough to have the detroit Demon performed on her.

First you must listen to the song "Stan" by Eminem backwards there by evoking the spirit of Stan. Stan will appear and say "I will grant you three wishes if you suck my d*ck" perform the fellatio and wish for a Mcdonalds apple pie, Hitler 'stach and some a fresh pair of some Retro Jordans. The combination of these items will summon John Lennon A.K.A the Demon of Christmas past. Now you must go to the girl with the bible. Open in it to Leviticus 31 and there you will see some words, dont mind those just use the bible to beat the girl into unconsciousness. While knocked out perform the Detroit Nightmare on her, but instead of a penis us the cuccumber. She will wake up upset and the demon John Lennon will possess her.In her body he will being to have a three-some with the replica of Christopher Reeve and your Emu. THIS IS IMPORTANT: call the priest and the monk, all of you must perform the ancient are of bukkake upon the body of the girl and anyone else that may be present, regardless of their age. The demon will the body and the girl will become a Succubus and Suckyonuts.
Son, their is something i have to tell you.....last night i did the Detroit Demon to your sister.
by Electronic Monolith May 28, 2008
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