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A dumb kid who says he is 17 but acts like a little bitchy 12 year old; he is a bossy peice of shit and whines whenever someone "messes up his clan".
His whole life is dedicated to video games and his clan.
I'm DetnWarrior and what I say goes. If you don't like my bitchyness, then leave my clan. Wait wait come back. Please. Come on man, i was joking. NO ZYLOS!!! COME BACK!
by LOLBob, LOLPete, & Zylos April 27, 2004
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Probably one of the dumbest screen names ive ever seen. I mean wtf?? does this kid have no life or is he just brain dead? I mean really, Wtf does detn mean? is it an acronym for "Der! enemies talk NAM!" I'm sorry for but this is probably the worst name ive ever seen.
"lol guys are in are outfit" -Detnwarrior

that kida is so white he could almost be a detnwarrior
by Der Guys April 19, 2004
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