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Absolutely one of the greatest extreme metal bands to form in this decade. Phoenix Rising is a masterpiece of black/thrash fusion, and their other full-length albums (and the Violence is the Prince of This World EP) are equally stunning. Don't judge them by the rather cliché name; it's only there to repel those who can't handle real metal. Destroyer 666 accepts no quarter and offers no mercy. If you like this band, you are absolutely 100 percent metal.
Destroyer 666: I think I'm a wolf; then again I'm fucking crazy! I think what I need is a bitch, don't you?
by Red the Ghost June 27, 2010
Badass black metal band from Australia
Destroyer 666 is better than Cradle of Filth any day.
by Poccolus December 03, 2003
Agreed. They are awesome except for the fact on some of there songs they start of with soft lyrics then they start screaming and catch you off guard...they mostly have a underground following since alot of people don't quite seem to catch on to black metal because of the satanic lyrics on quite a bit of the black/death metal bands which disturb alot of people, But they have a following of worshipers and fans slowly growing by the day.
hey you heard of destroyer 666?

by jonny hellfire May 21, 2007
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