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One of the most dangerous housing developments in the U.S.

Historically one of New Orleans' most crime-ridden areas, mass demolition and other efforts drastically reduced the crime occurring in the neighborhood. It was located across Florida avenue from the Florida Projects. For its deplorable condition, it was known among locals as "Dirty D". The Desire, which once had over 262 buildings, was completely torn down by 2003. Two of the original buildings were preserved for historical purposes. The area was in the midst of re-development and new construction when Hurricane Katrina inundated the historically low lying area. When it was built in 1949, several other buildings were cleared to make room, including the Hideaway Club, where Fats Domino played regular gigs. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary announced that by July 2007, 100 of the eventual 500 houses would be built, as part of a development dubbed the "New Desire" or "Abundance Square".
Man 1 - Hey man, wanna come to the Hideaway Club tonight with me and the fellas?

Man 2 - I don't know about that. It's right in the Desire Projects. And you know how dangerous it is back there.
by Nola-Boy March 29, 2010
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