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Also known as "Desi Water." Cheap beer such as Coors Light, Keystone Light, and very commonly Natural (Natty) Light or Ice. The term was coined by the Bro community as these so-called "beers" are the beverage of choice when the Bros take their lifted Ford Rangers, dirt bikes, and quads out to the desert for weekends of gasoline fumes, general drunkenness and groping of their underage female companions.
Bro #1: "Bro! Make sure we have enough Desert Water for this weekend in Glamis!

Bro #2: "Dude.... Bro... No worries! I've already got 6 cases of Natty Light!!"

Bro #1: "Sick! That'll get the bitches wasted!"
by Sergio Villalobos November 10, 2006

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