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beautiful woman. definitely not easy to get in her pants, you'll have to work hard for that. laid back woman, but loves to party, race, and basically have fun.
Gimme' some of that deseray.
by 5 Star Chick! November 14, 2009
a ninja attack move used to blind pirate with STFU's STD's and SUV's. No pirate has survived this ninja attack move to date, it can only be mastered by best ninja.
ninja 1 "omg i totally deserayed this ghey pirate"
ninja 2 "sweet, yah- pirate so gay for eachother"
ninja 1 "lol kthxbai"
ninja 2 "stfu your face, lol jk- bai"
by Spiderman_lolkthx June 07, 2006