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The hero. The legend. The man in charge. Born in late 1924, Social Studies teacher/wrestling coach Charles Roy Derrickson served 27 years in the US Infantry division with a record of 963 kills, not including the monkey he shot for stealing his signature Derrickson 6-inch switchblade, and also not including the honey badger that looked at him funny. Charles shot the monkey upside the head with is AK and strangled the honey badge with a home depot brand gardening hose. You can normally find Ol' Charlie D. with his big stick (yard stick) and his AK from the gulf war still slung over his shoulder. Charlie Derrickson is one of America's greatest heros. He often says things like: "Go guard my wall." this phrase means, that one must stand up and walk from one side of the wall to the other for the rest of class. "Leave" is his signature salute, Charles prefers the short and sweet method of communication instead of saying things like class dismissed. "And you can quote me on that" is one of his personal favorites. And finally, "Continue to march" could mean a number of things and raises many discussions like: "Do we stop at the month of march?" "Do we march somewhere, and if so, where to?" the world may never know. God bless America, and God bless Charles Roy Derrickson.
C: Who is that true American hero over there?

Derrickson: Go guard my wall! and you can quote me on that!
by Charlie Jr. May 20, 2014
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