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1. A state between insanity and normality that is happy but sadistic that evolves into a state of mind that is sadistic, ironic, happy, sardonic, depressionistic or the combination of all of the above.

2. The state before losing ones insanity only to stay there and not go into psychosis.

3. A form of narcissism that works against other people but without admiration for one's self.

4. A outlook on life that see's it as nothing but flat, mundane, lifeless and sad. Often this is directed towards people in the form of my raid frustration but because the person was a general idiot for not realising the obvious.
Example One:
Bill: "Well I think I'm depremental"
Bob: "Have you tried looking in the mirror lately you might find it there."

Example Two:
Private: "I don't want to die"
Sargeant: "Private, just go and bite the shiny bullet and keel over."

(Second person in sentence would be depremental.)
by Mike Denzil May 08, 2004
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