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A ridiculous oasis in central Ohio where the former prep school kids from the east coast go to spend their trust funds on sleeping with girls and cocaine. This little school on the hill is the envy of every other school in Ohio. While we can all agree that Ohio is a dismal place, Denison provides an experience second to none as far as absurd college memories and possibly a mild to moderate drug addiction. Even though the Fraternity/Sorority system is not what it used to be you can be sure that anyone will have a great time while on the Dunes.
Dude 1: Hey man where did you go to school?
Dude 2: Oh I went to Denison University.
Dude 1: I once went there and had the time of my life.
Dude 2: Standard

Dude 1: Hey where did you go to school?
Dude 2: I went to Denison University.
Dude 1: Oh...I went to OWU.
Dude 2: I'm sorry to hear that.
Dude 1: Me too.
by Denidude April 24, 2009
a fucking kickass school.
hey--you goin to denison university?
and the truck driver said, denison university?
why yes i am.
so i got in the truck.
and here i am.
by beaner greener September 10, 2006
A private liberal art university located in majestic Granville Ohio. This school has great parties. Also, it has the best drugs in the whole mid-west/east coast. It's marijuana strains of, Van Gogh, Purple Voltron have been featured in High Times. This is all thanks to the KZ's and Ripp $tarr which run the schools party and social scene.
Student 1: Hey where'd you get that amazing molly and chronic?

Student 2: I got it from Denison University.. And it's not just any chronic bro, it's that Van Gough. Here take a hit.

Student 1: (cough cough) WHOA this shit taste like fruity pebbles and melts your face. I gotta go to Denison University.

Student 2: Yeah the KZ's and Ripp Starr run shit there.
by Ripp Starr September 25, 2011
A safety school for tools who cannot gain admission to Kenyon College
- Yo dude, I'm going to Kenyon, did you get in?
- No man, I'll be going to Denison University.
- Haha that sucks. Tool.
by TimB88 July 27, 2008

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