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Created by Australian high school student "Denis F" himself, to initially emphasise his acute level of obnoxiousness and self-importance to teachers whom he believed to be irritating.

The phrase is imitated by many with a mild gorilla like anger and a pompous attitude.

Denis F inadvertently caused himself to become the laughing stock among many school peers. The "amusing" phrase coined by himself, has ultimately lead to his social demise. Not that he was ever actually respected by others in the slightest.
1. Teacher: "Can you please place that rubbish in the bin?"
Denis: "No! I'm Denis F!" (said in a rude and obnoxious manner to imply that he was far too important to undertake such task)

2. Teacher: "Leon, did you do your homework?"
Leon: "No, Miss."
Teacher: "It's due today."
Leon: "I don't do homework. I'm Dennis F!" (said in a tactless imitation of Denis to humour others with Denis' stupidity)
Class: *Laughs hysterically at Denis' expense*
by flakCON September 04, 2008
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