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Demons are known by many people as evil, malevolent creatures from hell, but anything that you think you know about them is wrong. Demons DO NOT come from hell, and are usually never evil. Demons are usually confused with hellions, which are the minions and beings from hell that normally serve Lucifer, and are extremely evil. They come from they're own world that is parallel to our own, and it is known by a few names such as the Demon or Shadow Realm, and sometimes even the Dark Dimension. Demons come in various forms that you may see in fictional stories and games. Their system is quite simple, and more effective than our own, as there is no government or money to corrupt it. The obtain goods and services through a barter system, or trading operation, which use special merits for doing deeds or trading in goods and/or services. To uphold their system is a king, chosen at the beginning of their world for his structure and ideas, and is still ruling their world today. An armored guard of specially selected demons enforces their very few laws and systems, making it easy to live here without having crime problems. (If you have any questions or want to know more, then please contact me @, thank you)
*Using a wigi board* What are you? *Answer* A Demon. *Asking* Are you in hell? *Answer* No, and I am not from there! *Asking* Where are you from? *Answer* The Shadow Realm. (information of Demons and The Shadow Realm)
by Jet Whiskey July 11, 2010
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