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A liberal Democrat as perceived by a Bible-belt conservative Republican. An amalgamation of the words "demon" and "democrat."
Only a true demoncrat could be in favor of unrestricted abortions.
by Accu May 29, 2006
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A democrat whose outward intentions appear to be for good of all, but behind close doors their scheme is just plain evil.
Hillary Clinton wants whats best for the people, yet look at her voting record (Tax and Spend); not to mention the scandels.
by ledzep November 30, 2003
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A more accurate description of members of the modern day democratic party. Those with views usually totally unsupported by facts, who choose to support seemingly totally evil people like Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy and often act in treasonous ways. They usually see themselves as intellectually superior, however their views usually defy logic, and real world scenarios often prove them to be completely off their rocker with respect to foreign as well as domestic policy. They claim to be for minorities, but they are actually the modern day plantation owners, who hold minorities votes captive with false promises and decades of deception. The main reason they continue to fool many people into voting them into power is that the media outlets often side with them and repeat deceptive coverage sometimes in complete opposition to the facts of the matter.
I can tell by your complete lack of intellectual integrity by supporting your views with lies, you must be a demoncrat.

The way former President Clinton undermines our countries interests while speaking overseas is borderline treasonous. He is a true Demoncrat.
by b carter October 25, 2006
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Demon-crat --- in short Satan is a murder, prochice democrats favor the murder of babies, thus I see their "pro-choice, pro-abortion, pro-murder of babies" position as being straigt from their father the devil.
What message would we really be sending the Republican party by voting for a prochoice Demoncrat?

Where can I find this business?

That depends are you Re-publican or a Demon-crat?

That depends are you Republican or a Demoncrat?
by Daniel Marsh September 04, 2007
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A term used by redneck, rightwing, inbred, low class, foolish, religious fundamentalists to describe liberals or progressives. They see the Democrats' fight to help the poor and repressed as something being demonic. Because as Pat Robinson tells us, "if a man is poor, he shall not eat."
1. Hey you baby murdering demoncrat, stop feeding those homeless people right now!
by LarryF October 15, 2005
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One of the many amusing terms used by fundamentalists, slug-fast homeskoolers and other cancervatives to refer to members of the Democratic Party (when not referring to the party itself as "the Democrat party."
"Good 'ol Rush shore slapped them Demoncrats on the reddy-o tudday! Then he farted! Haw haw!"
by Friend of Baby Jesus™ February 09, 2012
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The demonized version of US Democrats as described by conservative talkshow hosts. They may little resemble actual Democrats.
Mr. Rush: "Those Demoncrats in the Senate are taking the country to hell!"
by Rebel Bubba 2 November 18, 2010
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