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A new character in Maplestory (A huge MMO) that is an evil lord seeking redemption. He is super overpowered.
Demon Slayer: Agh! The Dark Lord Killed my family! I MUST KILL HIM.
by Nesden February 13, 2012
one of the worst if not the worst sw clan in rs, a mmorpg game, never join this clan for sw
imc fucked over demonslayers in that war yesterday.
by immortalmc November 14, 2011
Newest Runescape SoulWars Clan
Play on world 44, 24/7
see runescape forums for more detailed information
founded June 16, 2009

Friendly staff, great company and members.
DemonSlayers rule!
by DSrules June 28, 2009

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